Giant Trevally on the Fly — Manda Bay


One of the FISH

Trevally on the fly

The latest news from Manda Bay:  Huge schools of sardines are now being seen just minutes from the lodge and fly fisherman who are looking for the thrill of catching giant trevally on a fly have been having some incredible mornings.

This species is known around the world for its power and the explosive hook up. However here at Manda we are sight fishing for them — sitting on the edge of a huge bait ball of sardines.   Small black tip reef sharks are ripping through, creating a chaotic atmosphere and an great opportunity to catch a variety of fish with every cast – (provided you don’t loose them to the sharks!)  Indo Pacific Mackerel, yellow tail trevally and giant trevally all patrol around the edge of the bait ball.

We are rigged with 8wt explorer rods and floating lines, casting small streamers.  We are casting along side these frenzies, proving to be very productive and often catching a different species with each hookup.

All this before most people have people have got up for breakfast!