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Journey deep into the White Continent to experience one of earth’s last frontiers while enjoying the convenience, safety and comfort of our private expedition ship. EpicQuest guide Doug Stoup leads these expeditions as we sail past Cape Horn, across the Drake Passage and along the Antarctic Peninsula to be a part of a very small fraternity of Antarctic explorers.

This adventure begins in the Argentinian city of Ushuaia. (Most flights to Ushuaia travel through Buenos Aires, although there is also the option to travel through Santiago, Chile.)  From Ushuaia, we join Doug aboard the Clipper Adventurer for the 2 day crossing of the Drake passage to the Antarctic continent. And for the next 6 days, our team of world class guides will lead us to one of a kind ski descents and tours in multiple zones on the continent, returning each night to comfort of the ship.  Our goal is to experience as much as we can, by boat, on foot, and by skis.  We travel through alleys of icebergs and study these extraordinary formations of nature. We explore harbors and bays while surrounded by clouds of seabirds and become enveloped in the raw magnificence and the isolation of a land covered by ice.

Antarctic is almost entirely covered by a thick continental ice sheet. The elevations average between 2,000 and 4,000 meters with mountain ranges up to nearly 5,000 meters. The expedition utilizes zodiacs to access the mainland for ski touring and trekking. Once on the ice, a wide variety of peaks and ski tours are easily accessible returning back to water’s edge and your zodiac transport either to the next ski spot or back to the ship at the end of a day.