The world is a big place.

Where do you want to go?

Epic safaris are highly active safaris – for those who want to get out of the Land Rover and get as close to wildlife as possible.  We specialize in family conservation safaris and equestrian safaris, seeking to bring our guests deep into Africa on adventures that immerse them in wild-life and culture.  Based at our safari headquarters at Borana, near Mount Kenya, each safari is tailor made to the ability levels and desires of each small group of guests.   Our partners Michael and Nicky Dyer own Borana and host each equestrian safari, and their incredible team of guides welcome families with open arms.  This area of Kenya is rich in wildlife, and has diverse environments that invite exploration and adventure. From the purple moorlands of Mt Kenya to the warm plains of the Northern Frontier District, we bring our guests into the think of the bush and wildlife. Magnificent views march alongside as you ride through forest towards the tribal lands of the north.

Starting from Borana Lodge or Laragai House, each night can be spent in a fly camp, one of the community owned lodges in the area or in Rutundu Log Cabins on the slopes of Mount Kenya. Fly camping is simple and adventurous, and emanates days of old when ranchers would ride for days with their cattle. Sitting around a roaring camp fire at night whilst the horses snort and paw in the background, and the stars glitter above, is a truly magical experience.