The world is a big place.

Where do you want to go?

Standing on the North or South Pole has been an adventurers’ dream for centuries.  The truth is, this legendary quest is now attainable, without the hardship and investment of time that served as a barrier for generations of explorers.

Epic guides our guests directly to the North Pole while experiencing the wildlife, glaciers, culture and history of the true arctic – while enjoying every luxury and conveyance. The journey starts in Longyearbyen, Norway where you meet EpicQuest Guide Doug Stoup – one of the foremost polar explorers alive today. Doug has been to both poles more than anyone on the planet.  This is a fast moving expedition meant to get you to the North Pole in the quickest and most efficient manner, while never sacrificing comfort or safety.

Day 2 takes the team to Tempelfjord via snowmobile (50km) where guests will spend the day exploring the Arctic glacier.  Base camp will be the Noorderlicht; a 1910 two masted scooner frozen in sea ice. A gourmet dinner will be served on board and guests will spend the evening on the ship. The sun will never set as we will have 24 hours of daylight.  We then fly aboard a private Antonov 74 jet aircraft 600 miles to the Barneo Ice Station – the plane lands on an ice runway.  Barneo sits on the Arctic Ocean approximately 30-60 miles away from the Geographic North Pole and is the headquarters for multi-national polar science research. Its an incredible opportunity to relax where few get to visit, and to learn from leading experts on polar science and climate change.  We then board an MI-8 helicopter for the final leg to the Geographic North pole.  At the pole, the team will have several hours for pictures and camaraderie before boarding the helicopter back to Barneo for the evening.   The next day, we return to Longyearbyen for a celebration and a bid farewell to fellow travelers.

This expedition is quintessential “Epic” – a truly unique expedition, sacrificing no comfort, taking you to the edge and back, and guided by the best athletes in the world. Come join us for the history, the education, and the adventure of polar exploration – the trip of a lifetime.