The world is a big place.

Where do you want to go?

Every waterman’s dream is to surf empty, perfect, tropical surf breaks with only their closest friends.  Unfortunately there are only so many accessible coral reef waves in world, and as the world’s surfer population grows exponentially, this dream is becoming just that.

For the lucky few, the dream is attainable.  The challenge is having the knowledge and the means to get you where no others others get to go.

Join EpicQuest and the man who pioneered the world surf travel industry,
Martin Daly.

He is an Aussie with a passion for expedition yachts and discovering here-to-for unknown perfect waves in the West Pacific, Indonesia and around the globe.   From West Papua to the Mentawai Islands in Sumatra, Indonesia, Martin has dedicated his life to this this pursuit and a deep passion for truly authentic remote location adventures.

Martin is the lead guide and host for all EpicQuest surf trips in the Pacific.  Together, we build custom watersports charters to some of the most remote surf-breaks in the world.  With a base of operations in the Marshall Islands and Indonesia and with four expedition-quality surf yachts at his disposal, Martin leads our tours based on the seasonal swells across a vast region.  Be among the first in history to enjoy the epic waves and perfect wind of one of the last remaining frontiers for the well travelled watersports addict.

We surf long empty waves for all abilities — from “gentlemen waves” to heaving barrels — in idyllic locations in Sumatra, West Papua PNG and the secret atolls of the Western Pacific.

We windsurf and kite-board in the Marshalls Islands – regarded as the  best in the world by those lucky enough to know.

We dive with exclusive access to the best wreck diving in the world, in the crystal-clear waters of Bikini Atoll.

All this in complete privacy in the planet’s most pristine marine environments.

These trips are all custom built.  We know the best months and the right locations so that you are at the right place at the right time.  As a result, we take the guessing that can make or break a watersports trip.

When you are ready for a trip of a lifetime, give us a call.