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Join EpicQuest for the ultimate gorilla and chimpanzee safari expedition, deep in the mountains of Rwanda.  Roland Purcell is our guide and the pioneering founder of the Mountain Gorrilla Project and the Greystoke Mahale preserve.  We stay at the Sabinyo Lodge – one of the most luxurious lodges in Rwanda, yet only a stone’s throw from the headquarters of Parc National des Vulcans and the wild habitat of the rare mountain gorillas. Sabinyo sits in the shadow of the mighty Virunga mountains – a chain of 15,000 ft volcanoes that stretch in a chain across Rwanda, Uganda and the Congo.


After a few days in Rwanda, the safari goes on to Greystoke Mahale – an extraordinary oasis on the shores of Lake Tanganyika which was founded by Roland.    Mahale sits on the turquoise waters of Tanganyika, tucked below the 8,000 foot peaks of the Mahale mountains.  It’s the perfect place to unwind following several days of intense gorilla and chimp interaction and research.  Roland is the ultimate host for this part of the world and founded this oasis in the mid-80s.